When One Parent Wants to Move Away

Sometimes a divorce can cause issues that we didn’t expect. When a job, a relationship or a family issue prompts one parent to move away from their child — or move away with a child — it can change the amount of time spent between a child and one of their parents.

Virginia law is designed to protect a child’s relationships with both of his or her parents. A move by one parent affects the rights of the other parent and the rights of the children involved, so consulting a lawyer can be very important. If you are dealing with a relocation, or thinking about one, you can contact me for a free legal consultation.

Are You Able to See Your Child Regularly?

In almost all divorce cases involving children, a legal arrangement is made that allows both parents to see their children regularly. In order for one parent to move away with a child, an agreement needs to be made about child custody, or the parent who wants to move needs to show that the move is in the child’s best interests.

Some parents can work out a child visitation agreement on their own when someone moves, but most people need the help of a lawyer to file a motion in court to change a child custody or visitation order.

Contact a Virginia Beach Relocation Attorney

If you need to change your child custody or visitation arrangements, talk to an experienced Norfolk visitation modification attorney. I have helped many service members work out child custody modifications and other solutions to difficult divorce and relocation situations.

Contact me for a free consultation about your divorce or relocation plans. I can talk to you and represent you in Virginia Beach, VA, or if you are deployed.