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Child Custody

In family law issues, probably the most emotionally charged, contested problem has to do with child custody and support. As an attorney who has lived and worked in the Virginia Beach area for over a decade, I understand the difficulties you face when going through a divorce. Contact me today for a free consultation…

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When you are going through a divorce, it is easy to become bogged down in the emotion that accompanies it. Your emotions may range from sorrow and fear to anger and resentment. While it is easy to give way to emotion and to seek legal counsel that provides quick comfort, this solution is only temporary and fails to address…

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Criminal Law

When you have been charged with criminal behavior, such as a DUI or a drug crime, and face an impending trial date, you need a criminal defense attorney with experience who can give you the answers you need rather than just saying what you want to hear. At The Law Office of Timothy Wade Roof, I have a strong record of success working with…

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Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney

Straight Answers. Help From an Honest Lawyer When You Need It.

If you have questions about divorce, child support or another important issue, I can give you straight answers. I have represented hundreds of women and men, including military service members and spouses, in divorce cases and other family law matters. I also provide criminal defense services.

I am conveniently located in Virginia Beach, VA. Contact me for help.

What I Will Do for You as Your Attorney

  • I will explain your legal rights, options and issues clearly. I know the Virginia laws that relate to your concerns and I will explain them clearly to you.
  • I will be honest with you about your case. I will give you my honest opinions about your case starting from our first appointment. I will make sure you know what I think will work and what will not work for you.
  • I will not waste your time or your money. I don't like being overcharged, so I won't overcharge you and waste your time with legal services you don't need.

Can I Get a Divorce While Deployed?

Yes. You can file for divorce if you are deployed or stationed elsewhere. If you choose to pursue a divorce, I can help you file the necessary paperwork and represent you in court, even if you are not physically present.

Whether you are a service member or the spouse of an enlisted person, I can answer all your divorce, spousal support or child support questions.

How Much Will a Lawyer Cost Me?

I understand that money doesn't grow on trees and that you have other expenses to deal with. I will strive to provide you with the lowest fees possible. I provide fixed rates for some divorce and family law cases.

If you need the help of a Virginia Beach or Norfolk military divorce lawyer or defense attorney, contact me.

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