Visitation Rights

Working Out Fair Arrangements for Child Visitation

One of the most difficult things about getting divorced can be the time away from your child. As a parent in Virginia, you have legal rights that include being able to spend time with your children. I can help you work out a divorce and child custody agreement that allows you to do so.

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Are You Seeing Your Child as Much as You Think You Should Be?

If you are separated or divorced and aren’t getting to see your kids, I may be able to help you change that legally. I can help you work out a divorce agreement that gives you a fair amount of time with your kids, or, in some cases, I can work to have child custody and visitation orders changed if you are already divorced.

If you and your spouse or ex-spouse can’t agree on visitation arrangements, you may need to go to court to work out a solution. If going to court is necessary, I can represent you there and help you reach the best possible result.

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I help clients in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, VA, with divorcechild supportchild custody and visitation issues.

As a lawyer, my commitment is to be honest and direct with you about your legal rights and responsibilities. I will not overcharge you for legal services that you don’t need. I will work to help you choose a legal path that is as affordable, fast and practical as possible.

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