Military Divorce Spouses

Being married to a man or woman in the military can bring certain challenges and benefits. If you are going through or considering a divorce from a service member, it is important to have the help of an experienced lawyer.

I understand the issues faced by people dealing with the Armed Forces, and I work extensively in helping military spouses with divorce. To speak to a Virginia Beach and Norfolk military spousal support attorney, contact me.

Grounds for a Divorce

A divorce, the legal ending of a marriage, needs to be granted by a court in Virginia. A judge can grant a divorce for one of several reasons, which include adultery, abandonment and certain criminal convictions. A divorce can also be granted to spouses who have been living apart for over a year or, if there are no children and a separation agreement has been made, for six months.

If your spouse is cheating on you or has moved out of the house, you can choose to pursue a divorce or go another route. As a lawyer, I will help you understand what your choices are.

My Deployed Spouse Wants a Divorce. What Do I Do?

I can help you sort out what to do if your spouse is deployed and is asking for a divorce. These situations are not easy, and it can be helpful to get the honest advice of an experienced lawyer.

What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

As a former spouse, military benefits may be available to you after a divorce, depending on the length of the marriage and on how long your spouse has served in the military. If you are eligible, the amount of benefits will depend on your situation. I understand how military benefits work, and I can help you figure out if you are entitled to benefits if you are going through or considering a divorce from a service member.

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